Our champagnes

Champagne Collery from the noble terroir of Aÿ

The terroir of Aÿ is located near Epernay, on a magnificent hillside backed by the mountain of Reims, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 360 hectares of vines planted mainly with Pinot Noir grapes, presenting a great diversity of exposures and elevations.

This appellation d’origine contrôlée Champagne Grand Cru vineyard is composed of clay on the top of the hillside and chalk in the steep areas as well as at higher elevations. While colluvium accumulates in the lower part offering deeper and less stony soils.This noble Champenois terroir  gives an unparalleled representation of almost all the mineralities of Champagne. Thus, our wines draw their typicity from this extraordinary richness offering very complete champagnes: fresh and slender, gourmet and aromatic, nuanced by a beautiful vinosity.

Maison Collery: a collection of Champagne to accompany your life moments

It is in this spirit and respect for the terroir of Aÿ that we assemble like a puzzle the wines from the various Grands Crus, carefully selected for their aromatic qualities. Our assumed method is based on the art of blending. In constant search of perfection, the wines are vinified in the Collery winery, which is equipped with thermoregulated stainless steel tanks and 400 hectoliters of barrels allowing for precise micro-oxygenation and convection movements bringing elegance to the wine and a very low woody result. The blending of vats and barrels provides a beautiful balance, while concentrating the terroir, minerality and fruit aromas originally present in the musts. Unfined, our champagnes benefit from an aging of at least 4 years in the bottle in order to shape their characters. It is important for us to give our champagnes time to reach the fullness that will magnify the simplest moments with harmonious fragrances and the pleasure of savoring a glass, expressing all the French art of living.

The Maison Collery champagne collection

It is with immense patience and our know-how in precision assembly that 3 collections with typical Champagne philosophies result.

Blends: champagnes where harmony prevails

Our Blends are our interpretation of the blending, allowing us to play with the diversity of nature according to the villages, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, and the vintages. These subtle factors generate all the singularity and expression of our wines. These blended champagnes are complex, rich and gourmet, while retaining a beautiful freshness.

Singles: champagnes with the pure expression of the grape variety

Our Singles are our single-varietal wines representing the purest expression of variety and terroir. Only one grape variety is allowed, the specificities of the vintage or the geographical location are faithfully transmitted.

Vintages: precious champagnes with the expression of exceptional vintages

Our Vintages are the result of a desire to break the codes and create a champagne that goes off the beaten path. Over the years, we explore and experiment with the intrinsic character of our wines in order to shape even more refined champagnes to amaze you.

Maison Collery’s approach to dosing

The dosage plays an important role in the development of Collery champagnes. The dosage of champagne is the addition of a liqueur, at the time of disgorging, which defines whether the champagne is a Brut, an Extra-Brut or a Demi-Sec. Collery champagnes are only Brut and Extra-Brut champagnes. We conduct meticulous work on the dosage liquor. Thus, we make a specific expedition liqueur for each cuvée in different types of second-hand barrels, from renowned wine regions such as Sauternes and Burgundy. The origin of the wood is also a criterion of choice: from France or America, each brings its singularity to our vintages.

A barrel to reveal the inimitable style of Collery champagnes

The basis for the elaboration of the wines of Maison Collery are the thermoregulated stainless steel vats that favor the development of fruity and floral notes in its wines. In order to offer a construction of rich and complex wines, the use of the barrel has been perfected to make the most of its mechanical characteristics. Beyond the use of barrels for dosage liquors, wooden containers are also used for the vinification and maturation of our great wines. Thus, the naturally exacerbated mineralities, the spicy notes, come to sublimate our cuvées and reveal the inimitable style of Collery champagnes. This constant search for perfection is the result of a fusion between the purest expression of the Grand Crus terroirs, the selected grape variety and the aromatic balance giving rise to the signature of the house.

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