The Coteaux Champenois of Maison Collery a confidential production of fantastic still wines

Extravaganzas are generally attributed to the world of bubbles and champagne. However, the still wines of Maison Collery produced in Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Coteaux Champenois are made from the sublime native grape varieties of the Champenois terroirs Chardonnay, Pinot-Noir and Pinot-Blanc. These are 2 confidential cuvées that are out of the ordinary, one of red wine and one of white wine, made from the same grapes as those authorized for champagnes. Our Coteaux Champenois are harvested by hand at perfect maturity. They are exceptional, taut, subtle wines offering a very different perspective than other great wines renown.

The Coteaux Champenois: the ancestor of Champagne

In the genesis, the Coteaux Champenois were produced in Champagne-Ardenne as early as the Middle Ages, long before the champagnes. It is thanks to King Henri IV that champagne wines quickly gained notoriety. Indeed, the Sire of Aÿ, as Henri IV defined himself, had a great passion for wines from Champagne. Consequently, during the seventeenth century, these wines charmed the royal courts of France and England. 

However, during the period between the two wars, all Parisian tables were supplied with Coteaux Champenois. First of all, its regional proximity and then its low cost made this wine accessible to the detriment of other regions such as Burgundy. In the past, this production was sold in barrels. Subsequently, the money recovered from its sales allowed the winegrowers to invest in the purchase of glass bottles in order to market the champagne resulting from the traditional method brought back from Die by Dom Pérignon. Then, during the eighteenth century, winemaking techniques evolved, and producers developed sparkling wines of better quality abandoning the production of still wines. Thus, the wine of the Coteaux Champenois is well and truly the ancestor of Champagne and since 1974, an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC).

The Coteaux Champenois from Collery: wines to enjoyed young for their aromatic characteristics

These still wines with generous fruity notes on a graceful tension are intended for gourmets and curious who are passionate about the Champagne tradition and reveal all their opulence during a gourmet meal.

Contrary to the champagnes from Maison Collery, the Coteaux Champenois are wines of pleasure to be enjoyed in their youth. That is to say, we believe that the best reflection of the winemaking we do is in the two years following their bottling.

Lovers of old wines, it is up to you to experiment!

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