The ratafia of Maison Collery: a traditional product of Champagne

Even though Ratafia is a typical Champagne product, it remains little known. And yet, the etymology of ratafia comes from the seventeenth century from a transposition of the Latin rata fiat in the sense of: “let the deal be done”. Despite everything, its fame has only decreased since the Second World War to the benefit of champagnes. However, its production remains up to date. Since revisited this “winemaker aperitif ” from Maison Collery is obtained from AOP Champagne grape juice, Chardonnay and Pinot-Noir grape varieties.

A selection of 3 premium ratafias made from fine champagne

This selection of 3 ratafias completes our collection of champagnes.

  • The Chardonnay
  • The Rosé de Saignée
  • The Pinot Noir

For this, at Maison Collery, we make these 3 ratafias exclusively with fine champagne. It is aged in oak barrels that have matured villages from Cognac and Sauternes, to which is added fresh grape juice from the harvest. We use only the first quality of musts, offering the perfect balance between fruitiness and tension.

For this local production, the bottle is original by its square shape highlighting with authenticity a very chic visual identity that confers to our three ratafias the air of single malts.

Ratafia a little-known aromatic profile with a gourmet character

The originality of Ratafia comes from the fusion of unfermented grapes and brandy. Ratafia is not a sparkling wine, it is at the same time rich in alcohol, flavors and in sweetness. As with champagne wines, the terroir and grape varieties play on the aromas and organoleptic qualities of ratafia. It is a sweet nectar with aromas of dried fruits, candied fruit, honey, floral notes, or citrus flavors typical of the grape varieties of the Champagne region. We have thought and elaborated our ratafias to highlight the taste of the fruit above all and the gourmet character, surprising from the first tasting. Indeed, the aromatic profile of ratafia is unknown and we wish to raise it to the rank of gastronomic aperitifs. This is why we have also started to create food and ratafias pairings that we vary according to seasonal products.

The Solera method for the aging of our ratafias

The Solera method is a perpetual reserve that allows a blend between wines from different years. This aging process guarantees the stability of the taste and the balance between the fruitiness of the musts and the patina of the alcohol. It is used in the production of champagnes, vinegars, or spirits such as rum or whisky. It consists of stacking barrels on several levels. Then, the wine taken from one level is replaced by a wine from another. And each vintage, this technique is repeated until the barrels are filled with wine from the year’s harvest. This know-how of Maison Collery.

Disponible Septembre 2021

Disponible Septembre 2021

Disponible Septembre 2021

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